CHI 2017 Workshop – Denver, Colorado, USA – Saturday, 6th May 2017

Making Home: Asserting Agency in the Age of IoT

David Chatting, Gerard WilkinsonKevin Marshall, Audrey Desjardins, David Green, David Kirk and Andy Boucher

For many people the Internet and computation has become firmly embedded in the fabric of the home. Our agency at home is being challenged; both with changing economic patterns of ownership, and by the home’s automatous behaviors – many at the behest of corporations or governments. This one-day workshop invites participation across HCI practice: designers of technologies that configure space; makers and hackers of the Internet of Things; researchers of behavioral change in the home and those envisaging new forms of domestic space – critically and uncritically. We came together in an AirBnB home to debate this in context and made a short film to document the day:
The workshop themes include: agency, privacy, wellbeing, DIY practices, hacking, precarious or nomadic lifestyles and design-led research. We invite our participants to come to the AirBnB home with an installation or demonstration, an artifact or a provocation, for the space. We are seeking a diversity of work and approaches. Our goal is to create a lively debate around people, homes and stuff. Our full proposal is available here. Were delighted to accept the following position papers:
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